les gens de Paris ne sont pas tout seul

From the album "les gens de Paris ne sont pas tout seul". I traveled to Paris for a week and embarked on an adventure by myself. It was my first time going out into the unknown alone. I visited all the famous tourist attractions, of course. I also got lost and wandered around aimlessly. I was exposed to the local areas and neighbourhoods of Paris. Throughout my whole trip, I took photos of people who were unknowingly standing in an interesting arrangement juxtaposing with the setting, or people who were doing things I found that were absolutely heart-warming. I have compiled them in a set called "les gens de Paris ne sont pas tout seul"- the people of Paris are not all alone. I know loneliness is a common fear, but in this set, I try to show viewers a different side of the argument. You'll always have family, the environment or personal objects with you, enclosed around you, and protecting you.