Pet Preservation Fights Stigma of Death

Bare Bones Studio is Marissa Henri and Moriah Black, and they have been doing custom bone preparation work for over 3 years. After animals pass away, they provide an alternative to burials and cremation for clients' pets, such as skeletal articulation. They also provide custom display and mounting services for insects and smaller animals, too.

"We are sure there are others in the Bay Area that do bone cleaning, but we do not know of any that currently operate as a business such as ours,” says Marissa. That has motivated them to grow so that they can offer their services to a wider community. "So often death is just put aside and people don’t want to talk about or approach it because they’re scared or uncomfortable. But it’s a part of life and something that everyone will experience. This is a way to help accept it- by looking at death in a more positive and beautiful way, and appreciate the life the animal lived,” says Moriah.