Glamping in Arden, ON

The peaceful environment by our campsite.

The peaceful environment by our campsite.

The Hideaway

This Friday evening, Mel, Mike, Laur, Emma and I drove 3 hours north-east of Toronto to Arden, Ontario, where we began our weekend away in our cabin in the woods.

Our cabin in the woods was called 'The Hideaway' and it belonged to John and family. We got it for a really decent price on Airbnb because weekend in the woods type of getaways are becoming increasingly popular and accessible. But our first night was kind of miserable because we were trying very hard to heat up our cabin using a masonry wood stove imported from Finland (this was something I was super sold on when reading the description on Airbnb, so I felt kind of let down when it wasn't doing its job). We ended up sleeping in our coats because it was so cold!


We had a very late start the next day, relaxing in the cabin but subsequently freezing our asses off because we used all of the wood provided last night. John and family had to get us more wood, but his wife was super condescending, saying things like "that wood usually lasts 3 days for people" - they obviously never had guests in the coldest months of the year, because their Finnish stove eats up wood so quickly.

Setting Up the Fire

In the afternoon, we went for a tiny hike around the property before returning to the cabin and lying in bed again. We were able to collect enough wood for a fire at night, where we roasted our hot dogs and other foods for dinner. This has been, by far, one of the most relaxing weekends I've had in a long, long while. We ended the night with hot chocolate, mulled wine and games. Definitely something I'd do again.

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