Aishi - Photo Shoot + Process

My friend Aishi is an up and coming artist (singer + producer) from Toronto, ON. She reached out to me to have some portraits done, sending me some of her inspirations (which included Mac Miller and James Vickery’s current Spotify profile photos. I don’t know if Mac Miller’s will ever change (R.I.P) but the one I’m referring to for James Vickery is the one for his Until Morning album).

Aishi makes music that’s a “blend of pop, electronic, soul & R&B.” She sent me some WIPs so I could get a feel of her sound. It’s not moody to the level of the Weeknd - (re: Call Out my Name album cover) but I still tried incorporating colored gels at a level which accentuates her image appropriately and blends together with her overall sound.

I shot on my 50mm f1.8 Canon with my Sony A7R. The Sony A7R is a hand me down from my uncle, and I’ve noticed an alarming rate of battery drain- nothing like what my Canon 7D does when I shoot video. Something to look into. If anyone has experienced this before, please reach out to me because I would love to know if you’ve found any solutions.

Anyways, my coworkers lent me their studio space, a seamless white vinyl backdrop & kinoflos. I brought down red and orange gels, played around with the white balance and achieved pink/purple, pink/orange and light pink/red/purple (see photos). I used the kinoflos as foreground (1st picture and 4th picture), as well as red gels (1st, 5th & 6th picture). I also played with the intensity (100%, 50%) of the lights but preferred keeping them at 100%. As you can see here, Aishi also preferred the pink/purple opposed to the pink/orange. Pink/purple was achieved with fluorescent warm white WB, and pink/orange with incandescent WB. The touch up process wasn’t too hefty- most of the work that I did was getting rid of stray hairs on Photoshop (surface blur -> brush away on new layer mask) and touch up her skin on Lightroom with auto mask.