The Saltwater Collective - Overall Shoot + Process

We’re in the process of finishing this lookbook-type spot for local swimwear company Saltwater Collective. We shot the spot in Studio Bon Soleil - a beautiful, rustic space flooded with natural lighting. These were shot exclusively on the Sony a7r, alternating between a Canon 50mm & 24mm. This was truly a learning experience for me - I don’t think I’ve shot fashion/commercial to this extent before. I usually stick to candid travel/street photography, throw in the occasional music photography experience in the pot… it’s different when you start directing people to look a certain way, move a certain direction, etc.

Included here are some behind-the-scenes photos of the small, dedicated crew working away!

Crew - @ricoferri/@stanleywoodfilms- director, @lmhggns - DOP, @artemmykhailetskyi - 1st AC, @ohioisonfiiire - producer + photographer, @beautybytaydownes - HMC

@miraclekerr / @miraclemgmt
Models - @sarah.spencerr, @tolulopeojo, @xomichieko

I was involved in the pre-production (scheduling, point of contact for cast and crew, etc.) leading up to the shoot day. I PA’d on set when I wasn’t shooting the BTS. I am the post-producer on this spot, organizing the edit, color/finishing and audio. The spot itself will be out sometime in mid March!

EDIT: The spot is out, please click here for more information!