Educational Jaunt in New York City

WestJet had an airfare sale, so I managed to snag a flight for 50% off the usual round trip YYZ->LGA price! Coincidentally, it happened to be on the same weekend as last year - just a day less. And this was by far one of the more educational trips I’ve taken to New York City.


Hudson Yards

A Cash for Visa Contribution

…which I had no idea about. I was just overly excited to see the new development in this area, as I vaguely remembered how cool I thought it was that they created this highly visited community outdoor space in a historically industrial area. It reminded me of the Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, especially the exit area looking out towards the Vessel and the waters. Mehul and I explored the area and even saw an art exhibit at the Shed (photos below). But thanks to this article on City Lab explaining where some of the funding came from, it’s really just another nasty example of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer. EB-5 visa funds were ultimately used to finance an area for those who can afford it, rather than provide support to those who actually need it. This entire revelation leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Blowin’ Up

Jen and I went to see Blowin’ Up at Quad Cinemas on Sunday. It’s a documentary about a group of women who work in the criminal justice system changing the way women arrested for prostitution in New York are prosecuted. They provide alternative solutions for them, so it’s not just ending up behind bars. They understand that even though it might be a choice for some of them, for others (e.g., the illegal immigrants from China who don’t speak English and are forced to work in massage parlors), it’s not. The audience merely observes the day to day play out - there are barely any interviews, none of your usual lower thirds / medium close-up against a white wall sort of thing. We were also treated to a panel after the film, “Fosta-Sesta, One Year Later: How Has The Closing Of Backpage Affected Sex Workers? Conversation W/ Jillian Modzeleski (Brooklyn Defender Services), Melissa Broudo (SOAR), Giselle Marie (NYC Stripper Strike).” They were speaking on behalf of how this bill, FOSTA-SESTA, is making it more unsafe for sex workers today. I had never heard of FOSTA-SESTA, and I’m sure there’s both sides to the story (on top of curbing online sex work, including human trafficking/child sex trafficking, etc.). But the one in focus was about how giving sex workers a way to advertise and interact with clients online is much safer than if they were to do it on the streets. The panelists were saying how the numbers in regards to violence against sex workers have been on the rise since the bill was passed. Anyways, after this panel, Jen told me to check out the documentary “I am Jane Doe” to hear another perspective.

Bonus: The Service at Blue Note Jazz Club!

This was my first time at a jazz club in the city. They run like a well oiled machine, it’s thoroughly impressive. Mehul, Jiji and I got tickets to go see Phony Ppl play at their residency at Blue Note Jazz Club but due to the line outside at 12:15AM, we weren’t counting on getting inside. I nearly lost all hope, as the show was slated to start at 12:30AM. However, in the span of a couple minutes, they somehow ushered the entire line inside the club, seated us (even though we bought table tickets, the amount of people in front of us really felt like we were going to have to stand for the entire show) AND brought us drinks + our bills in a timely manner. It was incredible. No mess, no fuss. I really commend the service provided.