Wrocław - As Far As The Eyes Can See


We had 2 layovers in Wrocław (Warsaw) - one at the beginning of our trip, and one at the end of our trip. I had company during the first layover, and I was solo for my second. During the first layover, Monika, Michael and I stayed around downtown Warsaw, ate a lot of food (Pierogies and Pączki mission) and explored what we could within our 6 hour window. On the second layover, I did a free walking tour in the old town, met a couple other travelers and shared a lunch at Pod Barbakanem. Bar mleczny. There, I had blueberry filling pierogies and clear beetroot soup.

The walking tour around old town Warsaw was very historical and eye opening. Our guide had a lot of photos from WWII that she would show us so we could compare the difference between how the place looked today vs the damages from the past. The difference is insanely drastic, and I’m glad Warsaw was able to rebuild after such traumatic experiences. I want to go back to Poland so I can properly visit Auschwitz and other cities, such as Kraków.

Even though I am very thankful I had 2 long enough layovers in Warsaw, this experience has taught me that these opportunities barely scratch the surface of what a place has to offer. Depending on the type of traveler you are, you may be satisfied with a couple hours. I was definitely craving for more. Until next time!