No Excuses - Power Footwear Fall 2019 Campaign Launch

It’s finally here! Power Footwear launched their No Excuses campaign, fully equipped with a month of social media roll-outs on Facebook and Instagram. As the lead producer, this four month long journey took me from our initial meetings all the way to final delivery. We helped this brand achieve something that a traditional advertising agency would do. But instead of employing a gigantic team to accomplish each and every aspect along the way, it was a smaller, dedicated team taking on hybrid roles to get the job done. From pre-production to a two-day shoot weekend, to a month of post-production aided by our fellow peers in the industry, we present to you No Excuses.

Deliverables included- :60 final spot, :30 director’s cut, :15 social media (IG + FB, 16:9 + 1:1) and :10 social media (IG + FB, 1:1, 9:16). Versionings are important to maximize content distribution across all relevant platforms. As of October 1st, two of our :15s on Facebook have already garnered close to 50K views together - the final video hasn’t even rolled out by this point, only the teasers. On Instagram, not only are the posts doing well, but also the 24 hour stories and saving those in a comprehensive highlights reel that showcases anything #NoExcuses related is driving up viewership and engagement.

Client: Power Footwear
Production: Stanley Wood Films

Director: Enrico Ferri
Producer: Josephine Tse
Cinematographer: Liam Higgins
1st AC: Artem Mykhailetskyi
Gaffer: Douglas Cunningham
Grip: Gianluca Basile
Stedicam: Michael Lew
Art Director: Jackie McClelland
Editor: Enrico Ferri
Music: Michelle Osis
Colourist: Kevin Wu

Natasha Khan
Juan Osorio
Mackenzie White

Special Thanks: Ontario Camera

Shot on Alexa Mini

Above: Director’s cut :30 and Below: Official :60 Spot

Aesthetic - The Saltwater Collective

Recent spot for swimwear brand Saltwater Collective based in Vancouver, CA. Shot on Alexa Mini + Canon K35 Prime Lenses.

Client: Saltwater Collective
Production: Stanley Wood Films
Director: Enrico Ferri
Producer: Josephine Tse
Cinematographer: Liam Higgins
1st AC: Artem Mykhailetskyi
Editor: Robbie Haring
Colourist: Clinton Homuth
HMU: Taylor Downes
Casting: Miracle Management / Miracle Kerr Models: Sarah Spencer Michieko Go Tan Helen Ojo

Gear: Ontario Camera, Douglas Cunningham
Special thank-you to Ontario Camera, Bedtracks & Artjail.

To check out the BTS I did on set and a re-cap of the overall project, click here.

Shades of Our Sisters | 2 Year Anniversary

Shades of Our Sisters just celebrated its 2 year anniversary since the premiere exhibit in the Tecumseh Auditorium at Ryerson University, February 2017. I personally can’t believe its been 2 years. A recap of our first three exhibits above really shows how we’ve progressed and managed to share the exhibit over 10 more times with other communities in the province. We’ve also included other families - all in all, this has definitely grown to become an even more extraordinary experience.

We’re currently open at St. James Cathedral in Toronto, ON until March 1st. This is the first time we’ve been able to host the exhibit for more than a couple days- however, we had to scale down a bit to fit the space and situation. But I’m always thankful to be apart of these exhibits. Scrolling through the blog section reminds me of how far the families have come in sharing their stories and raising awareness.