Denzel Curry || Canadian Music Week

Short montage illustrating Denzel Curry's live set. He performed at Tattoo Queen West for Toronto's 2015 Canadian Music Week. ---------------------- Song used in the background: Threatz (Feat. Yung Simmie & Robb Bank$) Prod. Ronny J (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwnVI_x5g0I) The song does not belong to me. ---------------------- Coverage originally posted on RUtvNews.com.

Hot Docs 2015

I finally attended the Canadian Hot Docs Festival! I volunteered but also got the chance to watch a couple of docs:

  • The Arms Drop

  • Thought Crimes

  • Sandwich Nazi/Pop-Up Porno

  • Deep Web

  • Pinocchio/Julio

  • Leaving Africa

  • Live From New York!

  • Mavis!

  • Gayby Baby

  • The Cult of JT LeRoy

  • Blood Sisters

  • The Nightmare

More like 12.

My favourite has to be Live from New York!, Sandwich Nazi and The Nightmare. Live from New York! is a documentary about Saturday Night Live, from its original days to present day. Cast members from every era appeared and offered their 2 cents. They talked about topics like racial representation, how history affected the programming and how they ended up adapting to new formats (e.g., digital shorts) and changing the live TV demands. Sandwich Nazi is about an ex-male escort from Lebanon who immigrates to Vancouver and opens up a sandwich shop. He's fouled mouth and I'm pretty sure the title of the documentary came from Seinfeld's Soup Nazi character. The Nightmare is a documentary re-creating people's sleep paralysis experiences. They're really fucked up but also SO interesting. I've never heard of someone feeling physical pain from sleep paralysis. It's nice to know that it can happen to me, too (but hasn't yet so let's leave it at that).

I am very thankful for Hot Docs. They're astoundingly nice to volunteers and the shifts actually have a range- they're not all 8 hours long. I did street marketing and got 2 vouchers for 4 hours- it was great. I also met some new friends! As well, the doc channel sponsored enough for seniors and students to watch docs for free before 5PM throughout the entire festival.

Documentaries are one of my favourite art forms. I love learning and being inspired by all the true stories that filmmakers decided to tackle. I also find it to be one of the most time consuming and difficult art forms. Unfortunately, there's not a ton of money that comes with it but I'd love to produce my own feature length one day too.