City Hall

Doors Open T.O. 2014

I experienced Doors Open for the first time ever. Doors Open is a two day event that's put on annually by the city of Toronto. Buildings or restricted rooms that are usually closed off to the public open their doors for two days, allowing the curious to explore and experience new things.

I went with Eric, Aaron and Sam- RUtv News take over! It was a pretty good day. We ended up checking out 9 places- a restaurant called The Sultan's Tent, Harbourfront, the ships by the boardwalk, U of T (Hart House, Mining Hall of Fame, Munk School), Native Child & Family Services, Elgin and Winter Gardens Theatre, Old City Hall, City Hall, & Osgoode Hall. The weather cooperated nicely, too.

I have noted:

  • I have to go back and try The Sultan's Tent (49 Front St. E)

  • Do not eat at the Harbourfront- not worth it. Bring own food for picnic.

  • The Munk School's restricted areas help countries with high censorship gain access to information that they're legally entitled to.

  • The Elgin and Winter Gardens Theatre are two different theatres! The Winter Gardens are BEAUTIFUL.

  • The elevators in City Hall were haunted. It stopped on every floor even though no one pressed any buttons.

  • We tried on legal robes and took photos- we're cute.

At the Harbourfront, Aaron opened the door to an art exhibit, shrugged and said "door's open". Turns out the door wasn't opened, and the curators came in after and gave us the strangest looks.