The Roots @ Luminato 2014

I went to see the legendary Roots last Saturday at Luminato 2014. They changed my views on concerts, so in that case, I've never seen a real concert until last Saturday. The Roots played straight through- that seriously took willpower, determination, experience and true musicianship. I personally am still in disbelief of what I witnessed. Got some amazing shots, ended up writing a concert review for Love This City.

Soulpepper- Of Human Bondage

On Sunday, May 25th, my friend Nick took my friend Joseph and I to see a play at his workplace, the Soulpepper theatre in Toronto's famous Distillery District. The play was by Vern Thiessen, and it was based on the novel by W. Somerset Maugham.

This was the first play I've ever watched, and I must say, the bar's been set really high up. The live production was my focus- audio aspects, visual components, etc. The audio was created on the spot- sound effects were born through the mouths of the other actors or instruments. There's one scene where the main characters are in a tea shop, and to mimic a busy tea shop, the actors off stage clink their teacups together and talk at a low volume. It resonated well. I'm always blown away by live performances because of the constant character change. In plays, side actors usually have more than one role. To see characters act as if they were approaching their death bed, then in the next scene seeing them alive and well with another truly accentuates their talents and experience in this industry.