Compilation of RUtv News Music - In Conversation With...

Before I jet off for a semester abroad in Singapore, I would just like to put out a post compiling the work I did since April under RUtv News. I started the music section for our campus news group, producing all the video and audio interviews in this post. I connected with promoters all over the city and covered most of the music festivals in the city from May until September 2015, and occasional shows from October to December 2015. I eventually had a team I could delegate stories to cover, and the experience was overall phenomenal.

Created by project manager of RUtv News Music, Josephine Tse, "In Conversation With..." is a series of interviews with musicians of different genres from all over the world. This is the first season, spanning from May to August 2015.

Denzel Curry || Canadian Music Week

Short montage illustrating Denzel Curry's live set. He performed at Tattoo Queen West for Toronto's 2015 Canadian Music Week. ---------------------- Song used in the background: Threatz (Feat. Yung Simmie & Robb Bank$) Prod. Ronny J ( The song does not belong to me. ---------------------- Coverage originally posted on