Today I Rode Around the Mission District in An Ecto-1 While Wearing A Ghost Hat

I was on my phone right at 10 a.m., trying to request a free Ecto-1 ride from Lyft. The option didn't pop up and instead I accidentally requested a regular Lyft. When he dropped me off at work, he gave me a sympathetic look. “Keep trying,” he told me. I was really upset. When I stepped into my office, the Ghost Mode option finally showed up and my request went through. My driver’s name was Tony, and as he was circling the streets he told us about how he was chosen for the promotion. His car was completely transformed after spending a day in the shop, with a new paint job, ladder attached to the side, and a replica of the machinery on the top, like sirens and the storage tank for capturing ghosts. Tony was impressed by the overall results. “That’s neat. You know, you guys are my first ride,” Tony said. “It’s good to be first. One time there was a big car sale, and they were giving away two cars for $99. I slept outside on the sidewalk so I’d be first.” “Did you get it?” I asked. “I got it twice,” he said. “See, it pays to be early.” Indeed it does, Tony.