Compilation of RUtv News Music - In Conversation With...

Before I jet off for a semester abroad in Singapore, I would just like to put out a post compiling the work I did since April under RUtv News. I started the music section for our campus news group, producing all the video and audio interviews in this post. I connected with promoters all over the city and covered most of the music festivals in the city from May until September 2015, and occasional shows from October to December 2015. I eventually had a team I could delegate stories to cover, and the experience was overall phenomenal.

Created by project manager of RUtv News Music, Josephine Tse, "In Conversation With..." is a series of interviews with musicians of different genres from all over the world. This is the first season, spanning from May to August 2015.

Videography for @hellosylviaa

During the last months of 2015, I partnered with Sylvia (YT creator) and helped her with some of her videos! My contributions included being the lead videographer, helping with creative direction and occasionally post production. Some samples have been included here. Most of the videos were look books & sponsored product videos (Sony, Rimmel London, CAT footwear).