Shades of Our Sisters | 2 Year Anniversary

Shades of Our Sisters just celebrated its 2 year anniversary since the premiere exhibit in the Tecumseh Auditorium at Ryerson University, February 2017. I personally can’t believe its been 2 years. A recap of our first three exhibits above really shows how we’ve progressed and managed to share the exhibit over 10 more times with other communities in the province. We’ve also included other families - all in all, this has definitely grown to become an even more extraordinary experience.

We’re currently open at St. James Cathedral in Toronto, ON until March 1st. This is the first time we’ve been able to host the exhibit for more than a couple days- however, we had to scale down a bit to fit the space and situation. But I’m always thankful to be apart of these exhibits. Scrolling through the blog section reminds me of how far the families have come in sharing their stories and raising awareness.

Enshades - Photo Shoot + Process

My co-worker Rico asked me if I could take some photos for his band, Enshades. They recently dropped a new EP, which you can listen to here. We took these photos on a relatively mild October evening (early evening, I guess. The sun was just setting) around the Dufferin area. We mainly stuck to the parks, and took the last few photos against the white brick building belonging to Blood Brothers.

Gear: Fujica STX-1N, 40 mm f1.6, Kodak Gold 400.

I did throw these images into Adobe Lightroom to tone down the harsh sunlight and balance out the colours a little bit. Maybe I should’ve asked them not to wear white, either.


I Was On The Hunt For Cevapi


This is my second photo book from my adventures in Eastern Europe. Because I didn't go away for an extended period of time, 'I was on the hunt for ćevapi' morphed into a more visual heavy project. I only brought my Fujica STX-1N and Sears 35rf 35mm analog cameras. I shot on Kodak 200 Gold, Kodak 400 Gold and Ilford 400 XP2. During my first print, I forgot to check that my photos were set as full bleed with no white edges. My full page spreads ended up having crooked white spaces all around the top of the photographs. Luckily, I also noticed some inconsistencies in trimming on the cover page, so I was eligible for a free re-print. I also learned the importance of paper quality- for my first print, I had chosen 'Economy Magazines' with a semi-gloss cover and gloss text for the pages. Because it's a very light weight paper (lo-fi in quality), it is a cheaper option. However, seeing what that actually meant in person made me realize that wasn't the right option for me. With the re-print, I was able to choose 'Premium Magazine', which according to Blurb's website, has a higher-end finish with a heavier semi-gloss cover. The paper is also matte text, a texture I've come to appreciate a lot more while running my fingers through the pages. Here's the e-book on issuu's site if you can't access the embedded book. Also, if you are interested in purchasing a physical copy of my book, please click on the link above! You will be redirected to Blurb.